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Shelving Systems - This is a small selection of this product range
Euro Shelving

Easily assembled & adjustable

Starting from scratch couldn’t be simpler with Euro Shelving. A basic ‘starter’ shelving bay can be constructed in minutes using either of the four types of upright frame together with matching shelves in three widths. From a single bay, extension bays can easily be added to create runs of single sided or back-to-back shelving.

Shelves feature a front and rear box section design giving superior load bearing strength and rigidity. And Moresecure’s brilliantly designed shelf support clips slot easily into uprights to create a reliable, rigid structure and help prevent accidental shelf dislodgement.

Once your shelving bay is up, extend its capabilities still further with add-on accessories like shelf dividers, plastic drawers, garment hanging rails and runners for suspension files.

Euro Shelving not only performs well - it looks the part too. All components are pre-phosphated and stove enamelled for a hard wearing, high gloss finish in a choice of five attractive colours.

1 - Adjustable Shelf Dividers
Partition shelves to create storage bins. Available for full or part compartmental height.

2 - Shelf Bin Fronts
Retain loose components for order picking. Available flat or angled.

3 - Steel Drawers
Use the full shelf area to organise small, valuable or fragile items. With adjustable dividers to create compartments, foam liners to protect items stored and telescopic runners.

4 - Part-Depth Shelf Support Brackets
Allow shelves of different depths to be combined within 600mm deep shelving.

5 - Garment Hanging
Clip-on brackets, supporting single hanging rails in 450 & 600mm deep shelving bays and three rails in 750mm deep bays.

6 - Cupboard Doors
For secure storage, available in two heights. Full-Door: 2100mm high. Half-Door: 1100mm high. All doors supplied with 3-point locking system.
7 - Lateral Filing Cradles

For document storage, to accommodate most popular types of lateral file. Adjustable between 428mm & 285mm. (Suitable for 500mm deep shelving bays only).

8 - Plastic Drawers
Provide easy access to small items, with dividers forming internal compartments. Drawers can also be clipped together, creating complete shelf units. Available in 3 sizes. Supplied with stock labels.

9 - Floor Trim
For a flush finish between the bottom shelf and the floor. Prevents dust and debris accumulating beneath shelving bays.

10 - Timber Shelving
Available as an alternative to steel shelves.

11 - Louvre Panels
To carry the Moresecure Plastic Container range. Containers available in 6 sizes and 4 colours. Spigots for accessible storage of awkwardly shaped tools, components or materials, can also be fitted.

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