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Pallet Racking

Adjustable racking for the storage of palletised goods
  • Quick and easy to install.

  • Easy to specify range of starter and extension bays in different heights and depths.

  • Frames are pierced on a 75mm pitch to allow for positioning of beams.

  • Bays will carry 6584kg with a maximum beam pitch of 1725mm.

  • Beam locking pins prevent accidental displacement of beams by mechanical handling equipment.

  • Frames are of bolted construction and supplied assembled with painted Graphite Grey uprights and galvanised cross braces. Beams painted yellow.
  Design Notes
For the most efficient and safe operation of your racking, the following guidelines must be observed when ordering.

Clearance on front, or picking face - allow at least 75mm between pallets and frames.

Allow for 50mm overhang at the front and rear of the pallet. Thus, in the example shown, using a 4-way entry 1000mm deep pallet: 1000mm pallet depth - 50mm - 50mm overhang = 900mm. Thus a 900mm deep frame should be specified.

Beam pitch is always in increments of 75mm for positioning and adjustment. To create a safe operating clearance, always a minimum of 100mm between the top of the load and the underside of the beam above.

A = Beam pitch B = Safe operating clearance

Design Notes

Frame depth
Frame depth is determined by the type and dimension of the pallets to be stored. The frame depth is normally calculated to allow a 50mm overhang front and rear beams. Good quality pallets are necessary to ensure safe storage on pallet racking

Floor fixing
All bays are supplied with floor fixings. If bays are used as singles or in runs of less than 3 bays they should be floor fixed using the optional B3 footplate. This reduces the bay load capacity to 4774kg using maximum beam pitch.

Bay Contents
Starter bays comprise 2 frames, 2 or 3 pairs of beams, locking clips, bolt on footplates and floor fixings. Extensions bays are as above but with one frame.

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