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Shelving Systems - This is a small selection of this product range
Rolled Edge Shelving

The cost effective and practical storage system

Rolled Edge is for cost effective and practical storage systems. Designed for light to medium loads, its particularly suitable for commercial applications and the storage of:
  • Files, Directories and Books
  • Lateral and Boxed Filing
  • Bulk Archives and records

For Industrial applications, Rolled Edge shelving is suitable for small parts and general storage, where a high-load bearing capability is not the main requirement.

The Rolled Edge upright combines stability and strength - with no sharp edges!

Shelves are bolted or clipped into holes in the uprights at 1" (25mm) intervals - allowing positioning for best space utilisation.

The range of Rolled Edge add-on accessories offer increased versatility.

Rolled Edge shelving can be supplied as individual components, or as pre-packed Starter and Extension bays to create economical runs of shelving.

Shelving bays are available in the following configurations:

  • Heights of: 39”/51”/75”/87” and 99”

  • Depths of: 8”/12”/15”/18”/24”

  • Widths of: 24”/30”/36”/1metre/42”/48”

Backs can be open (with cross-bracing) or closed (using cladding sheets).

The choice is yours!....
From the list of standard kits or components, or we can design and quote for an installation to meet your specific storage requirements.

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